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data analytics system

Cloud Compute Software

Summer 2023

Genentech UX Internship

The goal of this project was to create the search and discovery portion of a data analytics software. 

Due to data privacy, this page only contains deidentified screenshots of the software. For the same reason, no user interviews or persona cards are shown. 

search filters
Wireframe - 28.png

These three pages demonstrate the search filters on the homepage. This was a feature that was brought up as something users wanted to see. Each filter allows the user to identify categories that can be used to narrow down the search for specific datasets.


As this project is for a data analytics group within Genentech, the data going through this software is any data within the company. 

The visual design for this software was predetermined, and my role was to build the search function using these guidelines. 

search bar
Wireframe - 32.png

The search bar automatically populates with suggested. topics while typing. 

search results
Wireframe - 31.png

After hitting search, the results populate as boxes with the link to the dataset information and source, as well as a direct link to the dataset. 

Based on the interviews, these were the links that users felt were most important. 

dataset information
Wireframe - 33.png

The dataset page has a collapsible filter function. In addition, there is a variety of information in different categories. This information is what a data analyst needs prior to opening the dataset. This includes, but is not limited to, who has permissions to a dataset, how to contact the owner, and how to access the dataset. 

Wireframe - 40.png
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